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Joe Sermarini:
Although we prefer free articles ( :) ), we will pay Forum dollars.  If you want Forum dollars, after the article is up on NumisWiki, send us an email with your username and the article's title. 

I can say I thought Joe was very generous for my article. And I got to spend Forvm bucks on some campgates and books, my two loves.
On that topic, honestly, the campgates I got here were BY FAR the best ones from any site. One in particular was amazing, even better than it looked in the photo, and it looked mighty good there. thanks Joe!

Does this include SOLD items in the catalog?
I would report any errors I find regardless, but earning a few FORVM Bucks along the way would be cool.  8)

~ Peter

Joe Sermarini:

Joe Sermarini:
I have made a couple changes...

Find an error in a coin description, get $3 for the first coin and $1 for each coin of the same type with the same error.

This clarifies that if there multiple errors on a single coin listing we consider them all part of the same error and only pay $3.  

We were paying $3 each coin with the same copy and paste error.  It was just costing too darn much, so I have reduced the duplicates to $1 per coin.


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