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FORVM Under Hacker Attacks Again

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Joe Sermarini:
FORVM is being attacked again. Unfortunately these attacks have been a bit destructive. They upload virus infected .jpg images. The virus turns off functions of the site, replicates itself and hides. With a site this big, scanning takes many hours. We are upgrading to a Windows 2022 server and increasing security against this threat. Things may stop working as we migrate to the new server and make other changes.

Din X:
If I go to your store I get warnings from Avast antivirus that they cancelled connection for security reasons because hompage is infected with url:phishing.

That is the same message I get from my Antivirus when I try to access the shop. This is the same with Chrome or Firefox.

I can however access the shop without a problem using Tor. Strange.


Virgil H:
That is interesting with Tor. I wonder if that is because TOR is more secure and the way that one connects between you and a web site if different than a standard browser? Just curious, is this on same computer? I ask because I never really thought about using TOR as a browser. I will try connecting with Brave I have on my desktop and see what happens. I am on a MAC laptop and it works with no warnings or anything. Will check browsers on my desktop in a few minutes and see what happens.


Same computer Virgil. That is why it is strange.



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