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Text missing in gallery


This morning, after seeing the beautiful posthumous tetradrachm of Antiochos VII, posted by Ron C2, I went to my gallery to compare it with mine

I found the text missing (see screenshot below). If I click on the small picture of the tetradrachm, the new page opens with the larger photo, and the text is there.
Sometime ago, I think I remember reading about this problem, but can not find it. Any help would be appreciated.


Pekka K:

Do you mean this:

Pekka K

The ultrashort version:

1: Click on the coin
2: The coin usually opens with text
3: Press "Edit file information", but don't change anything
4: Press "apply changes"

Go back to the gallery, press reload,  Ta da

Works also for unreadable greek letters

Thanks Pekka K and shanxi.

Shanxi's "ultrashort version" worked.

Now if only I can remember this next time . . .


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