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Forum Discussion Board Down 6/1/22

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Hi folks,

Yesterday (Wednesday), I noticed that the Forum discussion board was down. There was nothing but a blank white screen all day, beginning early yesterday morning. I noticed the discussion board was working again at approximately 5:00 AM today (Thursday). So, it was down for about 20 hours.

I sent an email to Joe. He informed me that the discussion board was working fine for him. Whatever the problem is, it affected only certain people (or only me).

Did anyone else experience this issue yesterday?

A few months ago, a similar issue happened. In that situation, the problem also only affected certain people.


Ron C2:
I experienced no issues.

Virgil H:
No issues for me, either. Maybe you need to force restart the page or something.

Steve Moulding:
I had the same thing as Meep. The chat boards were all blank yesterday on whatever browser I tried. Just a white page with nothing. They came back today. 

I had the same experience yesterday.
I was able to log in, but then got a blank white screen.
The menu items were at the top, though, so I clicked on SHOP, hoping to get to the Discussion via another link from that page. But it did not work.
By last evening, though, things were working OK. (I don't know which time zone people live in -- I'm in west coast US Pacific time.)


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