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Seleucid coin help please. Antiochus?

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Jude B:
Hi there.

I have what I believe to be a Seleucid coin, possibly displaying the diademed head of Antiochus. But which Antiochus is it? and is it a genuine coin of antiquity or a restrike?

To the reverse sits Apollo with baton and cornucopia, on a throne supported by a Neried.

I have looked at hundreds of images of Seleucid and bactrian coins online today, and while there are many with a similar reverse, I can't match the portrait, and the sitter is a younger looking ruler than any of the others I have seen.

I'd love to know more about this coin and hope that this community can assist, as I have a few other ancient coins that I would like to know more about.

It weighs 23 grams and is probably silver.

Sorry to say, but if your weight of 23 grams is correct, it must be a fake.

The portrait is of Demetrios II when he was a child. It was issued during his first reign 147-139 BC.
The reverse inscription confirms his name.
The coins of his second reign 130-125 BC show him with a long flowing beard.
Try this link:

You do not mention diameter.
And you might want to check the weight again.

The variant with the monogram here is SC 1984.1:
SC attributes it to the mint of Seleuceia ad Tigrim and dates with 145 BC - 141 BC.



Sure would be nice if the OP would double-check the weight, and also post the diameter of the coin.

As Akropolis said above, if the weight is 23 gm, the coin is not genuine.


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