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Hi everyone. I'm struggling to put together a small Hanukah gift of several Jewish-history related coins to a local Jewish school. This one is very hard for me to see. I cannot read it, but I think this is similar to SNG Cop 221, Lindgren 2324: "Year 34 (78-77 BC). Jugate busts of Tyche, veiled and turreted, and Demos right, ΘEAΣ, Phoenician galley sailing left; date L ΔΛ above, Phoenician inscription ("of the Sidonians"?) below.

Many thanks. So far, I have Antiochus IV, Vespasian, Rabbel II, a Canaan scarab, and I'm searching desperately through even my culls for a First Jewish Revolt prutah but fear I may have already given them all away (my single favorite coin species ever).

Hi Falderal

Definitely a coin of Sidon but it will prove difficult to give an exact identification due to the amount of crud on your coin, weight and size may help. Can you see a star-in-crescent or any other discernible feature to the right of Tyche ?

The majority of this type usually have ΣΙΔΩΝΟΣ ΘΕΑΣ above the galley.

Sorry for the delayed response, Arados.

The crescent-star is possible, but obscured - the encrustation is sadly more resilient than my hands. I'll guide the school on further cleaning and exploration. I tried polishing it and now Tyche is clear. I still think the artwork and font more resemble 1st century BC than 1st century AD renditions of this species.

Either way, it'll belong to the students of Chabad tomorrow, along with 7 other coins - two gifted from another Forum member, including the First Revolt coin I'd hoped to include. I'll try to get a reshoot in the daylight tomorrow and see if we can add to the identification.

Many thanks for everyone's help with identification, and especially two crucial coins added to the Zose Hanukkah gift to the student centre by a respected member of this forum, who will remain anonymous unless they reply to this post. Here are photos of the entire set that went to the centre, for those interested - not to show it off, but for you to enjoy what you know those young people will experience, like we all did so long ago. All items connect Jewish history. IF ANY OF THESE ARE MISATTRIBUTED, LET ME KNOW!!!

Falderal (John)

Virgil H:
That is such an incredible and wonderful gift. And hearing about the benefactor from Forum, not to mention your own actions, just makes me feel so good about being part of this community.



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