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Exceptional Ariarathes V drachm - Ron C2's latest gallery coins

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Ron C2:
So the main focus of my collecting has always been the Severan period, with a healthy smattering of third century crisis coins.  That said, I've recently branched out slightly and got interested in some very specific areas that fall outside this milieu. One of those is the Kingdom of Cappadocia, after reading how they were one of the few conquered areas in Alexander's empire that evaded Greek rule in the Hellenistic period, although they clearly adopted much of Greek culture.  Another is byzantine gold coins, but that's another story...

In any event, I started a new Cappadocian Kingdon gallery that I may add a few coins to, starting with this rather handsome example from Ariobarzanes I's 30th regnal year.

I hope you like it, and apologies to the forum members who read my updates because you are love the Severan and crisis Roman eras.

Please let me know what you think!

Virgil H:
I don't have any of these, but they are of great interest as part of my Turkey obsession. I do have one of Galatia, they fascinate me, as well, being adjacent to Cappadocia and of Celtic origin. Not to mention Pontus and Paphlagonia. Nice coin. I keep my eye out for them, but they always elude me up until now.


Ron C2:
I added a couple Byzantine gold Histamenon Nomisma to kick off a new Byzantine gold coin album in my Gallery.  No idea if there is much interest in Byzantine gold coins here at Forum, but we'll give it a go.  I normally think of the Byzantine period as just another part of the Imperial Roman era, but with the capitol city moved to Constantinople.  I find that some of the coins of the later eastern empire are every bit as interesting as the western empire coin types I also collect, though I get that not everyone shares these views.

Let me know if you want to see any more additions to this album :)

So here are the first couple I posted, noting these are scyphate types and I had to break out a very different flash setup to get decent shots of these coins - they have a lot of depth that can be hard to capture.  For those that care about such things, I'm shooting an Olympus 50mm f2.0 macro lens, set to f22, with an Olympus RF-11 TTL ring flash.  The twin-gun setup I normally use over-exposes some areas of these shiny 3D coins, and under-exposes other areas, while the ring flash tends to flatten the image with even lighting, making the lit images much better.  (Yeah, I know... boring photography stuff! Get to the coins damnit!)

Coin 1: Constantine IX Monomachus Histamenon Nomisma Sear 1828, 1042-1055 CE.

Coin 2: Michael VII Ducas Histamenon Nomisma Sear 1868, 1071-1078 CE.

Ron C2:
I added an Antoninianus of Carus, fairly patinated coin, but with a nice, bold obverse portrait. Hopefully you like it.

I also added in another King of Cappadocia drachm, this time for Ariarathes IX. It's a bit worn, but shows well in-hand.

Ron C2:
Just added a rather nice Solidus example of the Emperor Phocas.  Let me know what you think of this one - the coin is in great shape, but these types in general are cruder to my eye than the solidii of Maurice Tiberius that preceded him, or of Heraclius that succeeded him.  Phocas was hated almost everywhere in the empire apart from Italy (strangely), so I wonder if this factored into how the celators depicted his coinage?


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