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Blayne W:
Well I think I have successfully loaded my first coin to start my gallery.  I hope to get a few more of my small collection in the next week up.  If you notice any mistakes or issues with the loaded gallery just give me a heads up.  I am also more than open to suggestons.

Thanks for looking.

Blayne W:
Finally got it figured out and uploaded a few more to start my gallery. 

Licinius I/Sol

Gallienus/Hercules- Virtvs Avgsti



If you notice any mistakes just let me know.  I will try to get some more up.

Jay GT4:
Nice start to your gallery!

Blayne W:
Thanks Jay Its been a blast and a big learning curve as I start my collection.  I am still trying to identify where I want to focus on my collection so just have been buyng what strikes me as interesting and affordable.

Welcome to the hobby, Blayne, and welcome to the Forvm. Some of us are very focused in our collecting interests and others are more all over the place. This is a great place to get ideas, and to learn. Stkp


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