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Until then, I'll merely keep adding a few of my coins to this fine thread, okay?

Ummm, here is a nice big sweetie ...

Anonymous. Æ Aes Grave Sextans
Rome mint
Circa 280 BC
Diameter: 36 mm
Weight: 50.76 grams
Obverse: Scallop shell; • • (mark of value) below
Reverse: Caduceus; • • (mark of value) across field
Reference: Crawford 14/5; ICC 30; HN Italy 272
Other: 6h … brown patina, some green, a couple minor casting flaws, traces of deposits
From the Collection of a Director

Keep them sweeties coming my coin friend

Thanks, Oki


Here is another random coin from my collection ... it's a handsome example, eh?

Demetrius I Trichalkon with ELEPHANT
200-185 BC 
Diameter: 29.5 mm
Weight: 12.61 grams
Bactrian Kings, Demetrius I, bronze Attic trichalkon of:
Obverse: Head of elephant with bell hanging from neck
Reverse: Caduceus.
Reference: Bopearachchi-16, Mitchiner-1086, SNG ANS 209
Other: LOVELY brown and green patina, great example

great Jumbo,

lower picture is best  +++

Thanks man

Here is another random Saturday choice for my gallery ...

Galeria Valeria. Augusta, Æ Follis
Cyzicus mint, 4th officina
Struck circa AD 308
293(?)-311 AD
Diameter: 26 mm
Weight: 6.34 grams
Obverse: Diademed and draped bust right
Reverse: Venus standing facing, head left, lifting dress and holding apple; MKΔ
Reference: RIC VI 38
Other:  1h … EF, dark brown to black patina
Ex CNG Inventory 819832 (August 2008)


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