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Flav V:

I have two questions: i see in sale reference RIC II.1 what is it? Its nt RIC II because there is 700 numbers for Domitian, example: RIC II.1 725.

Second question is about this coin in photo. Minerva is on reverse and the legend (if domitian) should be: IMP CAES DIVI VESP F DOMITIAN AVG P M. On the obverse i read CO... above the head.

Flav V:
No one?

Can't help with the coin but RIC II.I is the first part of the newly revised RIC II.
RIC II.I covers Vespasian to Domitian. RIC II.III, which has been published covers Hadrian. RIC II.II covers the rest but hasn't been published yet.

Flav V:
Thanks PeterD. Where can i find those new RIC?

Who are the emperors using minerva? It can help find something.

Jay GT4:
The two that come to mind are Domitian or Claudius.  My gallery and David Atherton's gallery use the new RIC numbers for Flavians, although now they are no longer new.  Some dealers continue to use the old numbers for some reason.


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