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Latest MOU - with the Taliban Government!

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The Bamiyan Buddhas before and after Taliban cultural heritage protection ...

But not to worry there's a solution in true bureaucratic form worthy  of a Catch 22 award ... Declare the niches devoid of Buddhas a Protected National Monument.

Insanity knows no limits it seems!


--- Quote from: Meepzorp on April 26, 2022, 12:29:34 pm ---In the past, the Taliban destroyed ancient statues that were thousands of years old.

--- End quote ---

Hi n.igma,

Thanks for posting these photos. That is one of the things I was thinking of and referring to when I posted above. That is one of my fears.


Given the Taliban's abhorrence of iconography in all forms its difficult to believe that any items seized under this harebrained MOU won't be destroyed. Certainly, precious metal items are destined for the melting pot given the US freeze on Afghanistan Government assets.

The latter is most ironic as US administration froze roughly $7 billion in central bank assets that the now-defunct Western-backed government, replaced now by the Taliban government,had on deposit at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, amid uncertainty over who had the legal authority to access to the account -

So it is clear that in the eyes of the US administration that modern day money, deposits of the people of Afghanistan, is subject to uncertainty as to ownership, but no such doubt exists with respect to ancient coins up to 2500 years old for which absolute certainty prevails.  Really?


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