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Newbie need I.D. help with Celtic? coin

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Hi all,

They say you all know your stuff. Can anyone give me an I.D. on this coin? It is silver, and weighs 5.7 grams
One guy said he thinks it's celtic, so this is where I am asking. Any ideas on value would be much appreciated also. Measures just a little over 3/4".

I guess you folks must be stumped? Not much help :'(. And I thought this site would really be great!
Doesn't anybody recognise this piece?

A scan of the reverse would help. I do have some stuff on UK Celtic coins, but that's as far as it goes.


i'm not sure but perhaps he posted reverse in a new topic.

I haven't seen anything like this.  It looks Greek.  The reverse shows a female head (with distinctive hairstyle) facing right and one or two letters (one seems to be an 'O').

The obverse shows... what?  Pegasos?  A horse?  Nike?  I'm mystified.


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