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Mario T:
Hi, all. I'm searching to confirm the reference for this oil lamp, and additional info.

Roman period, 2nd - 3rd century AD, thanks

Hi, Mario.  My references are very limited, but this is the closest I have found to the form of your lamp.  It has a loop handle and the myrtle wreath decoration on the shoulder similar to yours, but without the red-slip finish.  This page is from the RomQ website of Ancient lamps, reference collection.  Origin Tunisia or North Africa, AD 175-250.  I am not an expert, so I can not comment on the authenticity of the lamp, but I am concerned about the "fresh" look of the crack, and the overall appearance of the finish.  Also I have not yet found an exact parallel to the motif of Erotes with grapes and wine-glass.  Hopefully one of our other members, with much more experience than I have, will weigh in with more information.  If you have any information on the provenance of the lamp or views of the profile, that might be helpful, as well.

Regards, V-drome

Mario T:
Many thanks for the reply and  the links (I hope that the lamp it is authentic as it has been viewed and purchased by a renowned auction house)

I probably shouldn't have said anything, since I really am not qualified to determine authenticity.  If it is from a reliable source that is a good sign, and it is definitely a very interesting piece!

Best regards, Jimi

The lamps which inspired this type were made in North Africa during the 2nd-3rd centuries AD but I'm very doubtful that your example is ancient. The fabric, slip, handle and nozzle execution, misunderstood shoulder and discus artwork, and other details strongly suggest it is a modern copy.

I'm afraid that "renowned auction house" is no guarantee of authenticity - unless they have an expert lychnologist on their staff. I've seen far too many fake lamps offered by well-known firms.


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