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I need the allegoric significance of the representation on  this  roman  signet-ring.
I see a deer tread on irritable snake. 

Thank in advance

I see a deer nibbling leaves and new twigs from a tree.  Sometimes, in a bad winter, they eat so much young growth that the tree, if it is small, dies.
Pat L.

Thank very much Pat.
...also if deer- snake is more very stimulating...   :laugh: :laugh:

Best regards

early christians viewed the stag as a symbol of good and the snake as obviously evil.psalms 41.  this carrys over to medival times when the shaman would wear stag masks and symbolically trample serpents. Some Medieval writers would link the stag with a force that attempts to stamp out evil because of its tendency to trample snakes. The Christian writers had transformed the Stag into a beast of goodness. In the bible it is in Psalms that the stag drinks from the life-giving waters, and being in many Christian mosaics. It is a stag that is at the base of the tree of life, and is the symbol of royalty, the aristocracy, is associated with the east, dawn, purity, regeneration, creativity, and hunting prowess. And through it is annual shedding and regrowth of its antlers, it has also been a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. Also, the stag is a symbol of virility, and sexual potency. In China, it is a representation of wealth and happiness. Swiftness, grace, and beauty are known hallmarks of this animal, and also in the areas of Europe and surrounding areas, a type of deity with antlers has been carved and revered for a very long time. The Stag was a messenger and a supernatural guide to heroes in many myths such as with the Hittites, Mesopotamia in general, and even with Shinto beliefs. The doe is also associated with divinity, and the deer are associated with Diana or the Roman Artemis, the one epitaph of Cernunnos "The Horned One," (Actually, it's only one altar epitaph, and it is incomplete, and says "...ernunnos") and variations of antlered deity appearing under several names appears as well. And with the advent of Christianity, it didn't loose its place, but rather was depicted as trampling serpents, and drinking at the foot of the cross.
but yes it could be a deer nibbling leaves ;D


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