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Hi guys,

New member looking to find out more about this ring. Here's what I know:

- Purchased in Dubai
- Came from a museum auction
- Advertised as 'Byzantine' in the catalogue (is this likely?)
- High gold content
- Inner diameter is 17mm, so reasonably sized

I'm not hugely familiar with ancient rings, but wanted to try and get a little more information about this piece. The centre 'stone' is actually a bead made from banded agate (can see the hole in the pictures) and is loose set. -- Shaking the ring means that it is free to move about. Beautiful filigree motif on the band, which resembles a grape vine.

Thoughts/comments/information much appreciated. 

Thanks! :)

Thinking it's more likely Etruscan?

- The stone/Egyptian influence
- The filigree work
- The granulation (to make the grapes)
- Sheet gold construction. Thin and hollow...

Could be well off the mark here... Not sure.


Jay GT4:
Welcome to Forum.  People are weary of clicking an external link.  If you can, post the picture in the thread for more eyes.

Ahh sorry about that.

Here you go! -- Not sure how to insert into the post, but have attached at the bottom... Cheers.

Virgil H:
You got it as far as attaching images. I do not know about rings, but that one is quite beautiful. Someone here will know and give you more info.



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