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New additions today: Poland, Sigismund III. (Vasa),VI AR-Gross, 1627,

Poland, Sigismund III. (Vasa), (1587-1632 AD) King of Poland, Krakow, VI AR-Gross, 1627, Gumowski 1168, #1


Other Types of Ancient Coins / Re: Big Nepal? Coin seeks help.
« Last post by Kim B. N on Yesterday at 11:22:48 pm »
Victor as i wrote you, thank you very, very much! Cheers Kim
Other Types of Ancient Coins / Some kind of "Bean" coin.
« Last post by Kim B. N on Yesterday at 11:04:14 pm »
Hello everyone, i have cleaned up some drawers with coins this summer, trying to ID them ect. And this one just cought my eye. Pretty sure it´s a japanese "bean" coin, but i would love to get some more info on this little thing.  :)

Coin info.
Size. 1.3 cm
weight. 6.14 grams

Thank you for your time. Cheers Kim
Roman Provincial Coins / Moving boar countermark
« Last post by Kilian O on Yesterday at 10:55:16 pm »
Is this possibly a legio X fretensis countermark? Above the boar it seems that there is a letter V visible. I thought a moving boar was linked to that legion and I believe on the other side would have been a boar head countermark on the bull but it's too worn.

Any thoughts?

Thanks  ;D
The Members' Gallery / Henry VI, Restored 2nd Reign.
« Last post by Callimachus on Yesterday at 10:49:35 pm »
Added this groat to my British gallery:

Groat, 2'nd (Restored) Reign, Oct. 1470 - Apr. 1471. London mint.

Obverse: +HENBICV DI GBA BEX ANGL Z FBANC / Crowned bust facing.
Reverse: +POSVI DEVM ADIVTOBE MEVM CIVITAS LONDON / Long cross with three pellets in each angle.
Mint Marks: Cross pattee (6) on obverse; Restoration Cross (13) on reverse.

2.84 gm., 26 mm.
North #1617; Seaby #2082.

- On many coins of this reign the R looks like a B.
- Many coins of this reign are missing the S at the end of the king's name.
- The mint marks also identify it as coming from Henry's 2'nd (restored) reign.

Ancient Coin Forum / Re: Going to Northern Italy August 3 - 17
« Last post by Joe Sermarini on Yesterday at 09:43:04 pm »
Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes.

Of course we are vaccinated. We have N95 masks for the planes and trains. I am a little worried but there really is no end in site for this virus and life must go on.

August wasn't my choice. It is when the kids decided they would get married. I suspect the crowds will be smaller than usual due to COVID. I am not sure cruises are running at all now.

Normally, our trips to Europe have been about seeing as much as possible in the time available. This trip (and for all future trips) we intend a leisurely pace. In all four cities, we have centrally located hotels, walking distance to most of the sites.

Our time in Bologna will mostly be spent with my daughter and her fiance and his family. Rose and I spent one day in Bologna before. It is a very nice city, much more about food and education than tourism. I have already identified a few sites, the best coffee shops, and a few restaurants (mostly lunch places). We may take a day trip to Ravenna.

I have been to Venice four times before and I know it pretty well. We are not going to be stuck in lines or rush around. Depending on lines, we may not go inside any of the sites. If the line for the cathedral is short we might go in. Mostly we just plan to enjoy walking and riding the water buses. It is a short stay there this time. 

I have never been to Verona, so I am looking forward seeing the arena and other sites. We are going to take a bike tour the second day. I have already identified all the sites we plan to see, and a bunch of restaurants, and all are less than a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

In Milan our hotel is right by the Duomo, and again, mostly the plan is just walk around leisurely. I haven't been to Milan for more than 30 years, but I remember it fondly. We will go in the Duomo and take the elevator up to the roof. We might go see the last supper, but I am not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a skip the line tour (crazy prices online for this).

They have an on-off bus in Milan. I find these useful for the first day or two in most cities. But for Milan, opinions online vary greatly. If anyone has used it in Milan and thinks it is either worthwhile or not, please let me know.

My phone, text, and email will be working while I am in Italy.
Ancient Coin Forum / Re: Going to Northern Italy August 3 - 17
« Last post by Virgil H on Yesterday at 07:21:12 pm »
Regarding Venice and it probably isn't possible in August, but check on cruise ship schedules as they have ruined Venice during the day, especially St Mark's Square and the Cathedral. Get there as early as possible or you will be in line all day. Or just go to outlying parts away from the tourist hub. In the evening, people go back to their ships and the city clears out a lot. August, of course, is the main tourist season in Europe.

Ancient Coin Forum / Re: Meepzorp's coin website
« Last post by Virgil H on Yesterday at 07:16:16 pm »
I know I am responding to an old request regarding your new computer and I am sure you already know the answer. I also just want to say I appreciate your web site, although I don't comment much about it. I do look at it quite often.

Anyway, I am sure you know your new computer is fine and in fact the SSD is better as a hard drive than the mechanical ones. Less chance for failure and faster and everything is going this way eventually. I built a desktop last year and used a SSD for the C: drive and installed a large capacity mechanical drive for data storage just to keep the main drive clutter free and only for programs.

Ancient Coin Forum / Anyone ever heard of Dan Brown Rare Coins in Denver CO?
« Last post by Ron C2 on Yesterday at 07:07:23 pm »
I picked up a denarius with one of this shop's old flips and store name slip, covered in very old and faded blue ink hand notes.  Googling around, they opened in 1942 and closed some time prior to the 2000's.  I also learned the proprietor was apparently vary active in the ANA up into the 1970's. 

Just curious as I like to hear of the history from well respected dealer of old.

Here's the coin:
Added a couple more denarii:

First is a Septimius Severus VOTA SUSCEPTA XX coin.  A fairly common type, but this one is a really nice strike with old collection toning.  Very old coin slip included with it, sold out of a Dan Brown Rare Coins in Denver Colorado.  I suspect it's not longer in business - the store tag is really old. Wonder if anyone knows anything about that dealer?

Next up is a scarce INDULGENTIA AVG.  No, not the Carthage dea caelestis version you always see, but a much less common and earlier coin with Indulgentia seated on the reverse.  This one was clearly struck from does nearing the end of their life, but I was still glad to acquire it as they aren't that easy to come across and the ones I do encounter all seem to have a worn reverse die strike.
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