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"Sasanian coins" on, pending renewal?

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I noticed the same thing and thought of bringing it up.  It was a great site for general collectors (and I'm sure even more advanced Sassanian collectors).  For someone like me, who can't read the Persian script, it was pretty darn useful.  I'm very sorry to hear about the founder's passing, but I'm glad most of the site is archived.  I'll have to check it out.

Sassanian coins are my favorite Middle Eastern coins, if one doesn't count Seleucid.  They're really neat and pretty affordable.

Robert L3:
For those who may not be aware, Tom Mallon's "The Coins and History of Asia" is up and running at a new domain:

Seems to be in better shape (fewer broken links and missing thumbnails) than the version.

You can also find the complete site on

I worked with Tom's widow to set up the site; let me know if anything is broken.


Robert L3:
Good info...just bookmarked it.  Thanks for the work on this, Ed....and also to Tom's widow, for keeping this important resource available.  I have been on the "rasmir" site so much this past year or two, using it to attribute coins from Eastern kingdoms....despite the occasional broken internal links, it is such a helpful attribution tool.  Good to hear that what sounds like a cleaned up version is now available, thanks to your efforts.

- Bob

Thanks Ed and Bob the info



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