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i am familiar with sassanian coins, but thus far i have only seen silver drachms, :(
i hoped that they might issue other coins, i was wondering if any sassanian gold or bronze coins were ever made.


The Sasanian did issue Gold and Copper coinage.  Gold coinage appears to have been issued only for special ceremonial occasions and to link back to Achaemenid times, not for general commerce.  Minor Sasanian coinage in copper and silver exist as well but are generally much harder to find than the drachm.  It could well be that the Sasanian economy was more feudal and thus military and tax payments were the main things for which coins were used.  If daily labor and goods and services were basically bartered it would explain why there are so few remaining minor coins when compared with Byzantine coins from the same period.


You should check this site.  It's dedicated to sasanian coinage, and it shows some bronze coins:


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