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I'm trying to make sense of part of the inscription on the reverse of a Mithridates II drachm, Sellwood type 28.6. It reads ARSAKOU EPIFANOUS (I've transliterated it because I can't make out how to get this thing to write Greek). My Greek is unspeakable, but  I believe it means 'the manifestation of Arsaces', with EPIFANEIA normally being used of the manifestation of a god. So presumably we're into divine kingship, with the ruling king as an appearance of the original god-king. Or am I barking up the wrong tree altogether?

Hello Robert,
I think you can see the coin at this website:

I hope I'm right!

Greetz Ard

You are not barking up the wrong tree.  That is entirely what that inscription means.  Similar to Antiochus Epiphanes.

So I was right....?? :)

I'm sorry for this question, but I don't understand your answer, because I don't understand English very well ::)

Sorry :-[

Yes, Ard.  "Not barking ip the wrong tree" is the same as saying "barking up th right tree", which means that you are looking in the correct direction.


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