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Please help me Identifying my ancient coins 12/40


This one is heavy , about 20 gram, diameter 23 mm (26 mm on the corner)

I found a similar one, it was a coin of jerusalem,
130 BD

I see a christian cross at the bottom

And see some words like : HTAAPI  OENAP  XWN
other side:  :Greek_Delta:OV  VXV  OVO  :Tcurl: 

But I dont know if i read this correct or upside down, and dont know if you have to rotate the pics

Abu Galyon:
Looks like a lead seal rather than a coin. There are people in the Byzantine section who are better than I at deciphering these inscriptions, and once (at least partially) deciphered there is the splendid PBW website:

Bill R

P.S. The last few letters in your first picture I read as  :Greek_epsilon: :Greek_Pi_3: :Greek_Alpha: :Greek_Rho:   :Greek_Chi: :Greek_omega_small: :Greek_Nu:  which is a title or part of a title. As I recall, the eparch is the principal magistrate or prefect of a city.

P.P.S. I think the second picture should be rotated 180 degrees. Then the inscription on that side appears to start something like   :cross:    :Greek_Delta: :Greek_Omicron: :Greek_Upsilon_2:   [ :Greek_Lambda: :Greek_Omicron:] :Greek_Upsilon_2:   :Greek_Chi: :Greek_Upsilon_2: with the last two letters overscored to indicate an abbreviation. I'd read that as doulou Christou ('[The seal] of the servant of Christ'), perhaps followed by a proper name.


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