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Tetrarchic seal of the day


How about this beauty:

Roman imperial lead conical seal. 1st tetrarchy, Diocletian and Maximian augusti and Galerius and Constantius caesares, AD 293-305
The two augusti face to face, the two caesares face to face below, all draped and wearing radiate crowns
16x20mm; 6.10g; Leukel N17-N23; Extremely fine

On this seal, the portraits are exquisite to my eye, even though they are only 4mm, note in particular the portrait of Diocletian at the top left.

Yes, that is definitely a cool find.  I have not seen many of these for sure.  The portrait of Diocletian is sharp and very attractive.  Thanks for sharing it with us!

Best, Noah

Joe Sermarini:
I don't think we will be getting daily examples on this thread.  Very nice!


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