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Roman Lead Tesserae and Seals from the Tom Vossen Collection

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Joe Sermarini:
I received the book today - thanks Gert.  It is excellent and fills a big blank in my library. I only wish there were a dozen more volumes. 


Boersema, G. & B. Dalzell. Roman Lead Tesserae and Seals from the Tom Vossen Collection. (Hasselt, Netherlands, 2021).

Hardcover, 80 pages with color illustrations of 121 tesserae and 109 seals throughout. Catalogue of Tom Vossen's collection of lead tesserae and seals, most of which are hitherto unpublished types. The book pictures and describes tesserae from Rome (26 pieces), Ostia and Gaul (1 each), Egypt (2), and, perhaps most importantly, an impressive collection of struck tesserae from Asia Minor (91 pieces). The second part of the book is devoted to his collection of 109 Roman seals, another type of object that is as of yet very much under-studied and under-published. Also included is an introduction to the interesting subject matter of Roman tesserae and seals as well as an extensive bibliography.

Thank you very much Joe! Both for the kind words in your post here and for your purchase (even though it took a while to get to you)!

I know there is a book in the pipeline on a collection of Roman potrait seals, mainly imperial - which would fill additional blanks! I do hope that collection will be published as well.



Where is the book sold?  Will you carry it Joe?


Joe Sermarini:
Gert has it in his VCoins shop.

It is also available from ABE.

I am not carrying many books these days. They simply do not sell anymore. Most people think all they need is on the internet.

Ron C2:

--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on January 05, 2022, 05:28:23 pm ---Most people think all they need is on the internet.

--- End quote ---

And this is why Gen Z is doomed...


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