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I have just completed some significant edits, and many images, to the Aucissa fibula page. 

That page is effectively done though it would be nice to find images of the few remaining Wolf fibula variants.

If you want to stay up to date with any, or all, fibula types please visit the appropriate wiki page and then click on the "Notify" tab in the upper right corner.  That will ensure you get an email notification whenever the page is updated.



--- Quote from: Russ on February 16, 2013, 09:29:02 am ---Hi Shawn and Joe,
     Wow - this is more difficult than I thought. My computer freezes up and your site says my photo is not jpeg. I double checked and it is jpeg.... here we go again. My computer has a mind of its own this morning...

--- End quote ---

 I think you may need to reduce the size of the file if you check the size of your file it needs to be smaller to post it to the forum


The ideal would be to crop the larger photo.

I am fairly new to a mac and I found it very frustrating trying to figure out how to re-size a photo in iPhoto.  Then I discovered  an easy way.  Once cropped you select photo and hit "export" under the File heading.  Then change jpeg quality and, most importantly size, to "medium".  Then you export to your standard "pictures" folder.  Seems to change the 1.5 meg my camera takes to something in the 50-100 k range.  When you upload you select from your pictures folder and it is quick.


Hi Shawn,
     These technical problems are driving me crazy. Your site tells me my photo files are not jpg - they sure are!...

     Here are some brooches from another book - Scott, Jack G. South-West Scotland, Regional Archaeologies, London & New York, 1966.
     Ihope I don't freeze up...

Hi Shawn,

     I realized I had a book that contains lots of fibulae. It is The Baron J. De Baye. The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons. trans. by T.B. Harbottle. London/New York, Swan Sonnenshein, 1893. Are you familiar with it? It has about 7 plates of fibulae.
     Since I will no longer spend hours trying to figure out why my scanned jpeg files cannot be recognized, I looked for it on line and found it at
     Here is an idea of what they look like.


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