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Just restructured the enamelled fibula sections.

Now instead of finding enamelled bow fibula under Roman bow fibula and enamelled plate fibula under Roman plate fibula there is a new section off of the main fibula page simply called Enamelled Fibula.  This leads to a page with basic information on Roman enamel and enamelled fibula which in turn leads two three pages:

enamelled bow fibula

enamelled equilateral fibula

enamel plate fibula.

This should cover all enamelled fibulae with the exception of a handful of plate fibula.  Birds and other zoomorphic fibula with enamel work remain under the zoomorphic fibula page.  Likewise object-shaped, or skueomorphic, fibula with enamel - such as enamelled sandal fibulae - remain on the skueomorphic page.

Not added any illustrations yet.  That is a project for next weekend.


Jay GT4:
Just added several pictures but I'm having trouble getting the Hod Hill image to show up.  When I upload it the image shows on the edit page but then shows a broken link when you "View" the page.  When you click the "Edit" tab it appears again.  Any ideas?

Joe Sermarini:
Added new pages:

Langton-Down Fibula
Boat Fibula
Serpent Fibula
Spectacle Fibula
Simple arch fibula
Leech Fibula
Certosa fibula
Cap Fibula
Lattice Fibula

All need additional work.  Please contribute.


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