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I have posted 30 images (so far) of my collection of buckles, belt plates, hangers, etc associated with the Roman military on my gallery at

They include citations and references.  Please check them out.


Hi Shawn,

What an interesting collection. Your excellent descriptions have clarified a number of, what were to me, unknown miscellaneous detectorist finds.


Thanks Alex.

I would love to create a small finds reference where identified/attributed items could be posted.  I thought of putting the items in some new threads here but the problem is that they then "descend" out of site.  So I chose to put them on my gallery instead.  However, that sort of precludes others adding stuff.

I hope to start adding fibulae in the near future.


It's a very interesting specialized collection, very well identified and described, congratulations!

You should add the provenance of the items, if you know it: it's a critical information for archaeological artifacts.


Thanks Jerome.

Provenance is recorded for a few of the items (mostly "near Carnuntum", which is Bad Altenberg in Lower Austria, because I know some detectorists who work on farms in that area).

If it is not recorded it is because I do not know it for certain.  Provenance is not worth recording unless it is accurate.  Many of the pieces in my collection came in a large lot sold by a German vendor who was selling it for the estate of a deceased collector.  No records of where he got them.  Recording them as "German" would be misleading as there is no indication that that is their origin just because the collector lived there.



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