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Isegrim Really Works -- Update and Encore

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No surprise here, my friends -- Curtis is first! (Yes, I did buy the coin, but would yield in the interests of science.)  In defense of the seller's occasional misdescriptions, they are frequently our opportunities; that's the beauty of cross-checks like Isegrim.

So now the solution according to Isegrim: Julia Domna / Homonoia std. l. on rock with patera and scepter, O[MONOIA NIKAIE]WN, AE26 9.31g, from Nicaea, Bithynia --- no takers but Curtis, who recognized the coin-type to start with.  Still worth noting the power of a database-search; without any special savvy, one could pin down an entry for this very uncommon issue in more ways than one:

vt:.*domna rt:woman sitting l rt:rock gew1:9 gew2:10, or

vt:.*domna rt:woman sitting l rt:rock gr1:25 gr2:28, or

vt:.*domna rt:woman sitting l vg:nike.*

(.* -- wildcard extender; vt -- obverse type; rt -- reverse type; gew1 & 2 -- boundary weights 1 & 2; gr1 & 2 -- boundary diameters 1 & 2; vg -- obverse countermark)

The first search yields just one of the catalogued specimens, since the others have no weights reported in Isegrim; by re-running the search as

vt:.*domna rt:woman sitting l po:nicaea

we come up with a much fuller roster:

ZIT:SNG AUL 587(1)

[further entry, for multiple specimens:]

M  :AE
GR :27.94(1) / 29(1) / 33(2)
ZIT:WADD RG S446,382(1-2) / BMC 11 S162,66(1) [ -> Pl. xxxiii.3 ]

Although SNG AUL (= SNG von Aulock) is at present a print-only resource, and though BMC 11 (= the British| |Museum |Catalogue| of Greek| Coins| for Bithynia|) pictures only the seated reverse of the BMC specimen, the main reference here, WADD RG, points us straight to a positive ID for the worn coin in question.  Choosing "Back to main menu" in Isegrim and then "Search bibliography" we can enter WADD RG in the bar labeled "Bib."; this points us to a source that is now fully accessible online, the Recueil Général,

Recueil| Général| Online|

for a virtual twin of the challenge-coin

rick fox:
Has anyone really got this to work?  I tried for about an hour and found that I nearly had to type in the whole obverse before I got anything.

Anything less and it gave me an error that it couldn't return more than 500 results... (At least I think that is what the error was)

Hello Rick; if you copy your actual search-strings or search-terms and then post them here,  just to help get you started I will definitely be happy to trouble-shoot.  Generally speaking, you can limit results just by keying in more than one input; all the search-strings I mention above (now in bold) really do get results economically.

As I note in reply #1, though prodigiously rich, Isegrim is a child of its time, in the sense that its coverage is spotty at best for some valuable imprints post-1998, and indeed a few printed before that date.  Of course making allowances for the different styles of shortened citations, you can now check its coverage yourself (Isegrim-searching zit: or vgl: plus the author or title in question) from the fine bibliography at, taking this SNG list-in-progress (*) as a case in point:

SNG Alpha Bank     Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Greece II. The Alpha Bank Collection. Macedonia I: Alexander I - Perseus. Athens. 2000.
SNG ANS    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, American Numismatic Society. New York. 1969-present [not cited as such in Isegrim, which instead cites the constituent collections SLG ANS and SLG Dewing (SLG -- short for "Sylloge," the Greek for "Collection"])].
SNG Ashmolean    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Great Britain, Volume V, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. London. 1962-69.
SNG Berry    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Burton Y. Berry Collection. New York. 1961-1962 [-> SNG ANS].
SNG BM Black Sea    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Great Britain, Volume IX, British Museum, Part 1: The Black Sea. London. 1993.
SNG BM Spain    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Great Britain, Volume IX, British Museum, Part 2: Spain. London. 2002.
SNG Christomanos    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Greece III. Collection Antoine Christomanos. Athens. 2004.
SNG Copenhagen    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Danish National Museum. Copenhagen. 1942-1979.
SNG Copenhagen Supp.    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Danish National Museum. Supplement, Acquisitions 1942-1996. Copenhagen. 2002.
SNG Delepierre    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Bibliothèque National. Paris. 1983.
SNG Evelpidis    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Collection Réna H. Evelpidis, Athènes. Louvain. 1970-1975
SNG Fabricius    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Aarhus University II, The Fabricius collection. Copenhagen 1987.
SNG Fitzwilliam    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Great Britain, Volume IV, Fitzwilliam Museum, Leake and General Collections. London. 1940-1958.
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SNG France    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Cabinet des Médailles, Bibliothéque Nationale. Paris. 1993-2001.
SNG Kayhan    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Turkey 1: The Muharrem Kayhan Collection. Istanbul. 2002.
SNG Keckman    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Finland; The Erkki Keckman Collection. Helsinki. 1994.
SNG Leipzig    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Deutschland: Sammlung der Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig. Münich. 1993.
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SNG Levante Supp.    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Switzerland; E Levante - Cilicia: Supplement I. Zurich. 1993.
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SNG Manchester    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Great Britain, Volume VII, Manchester University Museum. London. 1986.
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SNG von Post    Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Sweden: Sammlung Eric von Post. Stockholm. 1995.

  Using bounded-search options (Reply #2) to cut down a broad yield of results to a manageable size, you can also construct a downloadable-text list of Asia Minor holdings -- in essence a digital transcript -- from each of the SNG volumes that has been fully referenced in Isegrim.

  (*) For a non-shortened SNG roster considerably fuller than this one click:


For text-searches of ANS holdings now see  To see how Isegrim cites a particular SNG volume enter SNG.* as a "Bib." query on the "Search Bibliography" page; do the same with BMC.* to translate BMC volume-numbers by province in Isegrim, and see Ed Snible's 's excellent links-page for BMC volumes digitized and online at


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