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Also helpful to Salonina and the Valerianus,  Saloninus and Valerianus II.  +++



The American Numismatic Society Hellenistic Royal Coinages

In a post by the Numismatic Bibliomania Society in their E-Sylum of June 2, 2019, you can see where the ANS announced the launch of a new online resource, Hellenistic Royal Coinages (HRC). The HRC covers Hellenistic coinage from ca. 323 to 31 BC. This site currently includes the coins struck by Alexander the Great and successor states, like the Seleukids and Ptolemies. Notably, the new HRC website serves as a "Union Catalogue" of existing online resources devoted to Hellenistic coinages. Users can search across all these sites simultaneously.

These sites include:
PELLA (, focused on coins naming Alexander the Great
Seleucid Coins Online (
Ptolemaic Coins Online (

A future version could include other Hellenistic dynasties including the Antigonid, Attalid, and Bactrian dynasties.


Tacitus: has some wonderful academic papers on Roman coinage.
All are free to download.  You do not have to pay anything unless you are bulk downloading them.

An example is this one on Augustus bronzes.

A comprehensive catalogue of 1,228 ancient coins from the Blagoevgrad Museum collection in Southwestern Bulgaria (region Pirin Macedonia), arranged according to the S[ylloge] N[umorum] G[raecorum] principles.  First time publication and discussion of few important Greek / Hellenistic hoards as:
• IGCH 720 – Skrebatno I 1962 (197 Thasos: 3 drachms and 194 trihemiobols);
• Skrebatno II 1989 (192 Thasos: 13 drachms and 166 trihemiobols);
• Hotovo 1975 (105 Macedonian bronzes: 1 Philip II and 104 Alexander III);
• Gotse Delchev area 1995 (48 tetradrachms – 25 Athens New style and 23 Thasos);
• Bogolin 1989 (285+ Celtic imitations of type ‘Strymon head/trident’);
• CH 6.88 - Gotse Delchev area 1977 (11 Republican denarii),
• Dolna Ribnitsa 1988, Petrich area - 19+ Roman Imperial and provincial bronzes and 2 denarii of Trajan;
• Dobrinishte 1988, Razlog area: 20 tetrobols of Histiaea;
• and few others.
The site find coins from Skaptopara, from Rupite (Heraclea Sintica), the sanctuary at Babyak and other sites (356 in total) in Southwest Bulgaria, complement the new volume.

Location: Sofia

PDF Available Online

This is part of the series "Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria" (CCCHBulg) of well made books about Bulgarian collections:
They are all worth to have a look at  :).




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