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is a buckle or hanging around the neck

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bronze 14.7x24.3cm

This item they say is book lock from the medieval period.There is other opinion that it is used for straps and horse harness .Me I stick with the book lock version))

I assume you mean 14.7x24.3 mm not cm!

Isn't this too thick and heavy for a medieval book lock?  I have found a couple of the book lock parts in lots of "Roman" stuff but they are very thin - all under a gram.

I think I have a paper on book lock parts somewhere.


There are two big illustrated papers I know of on book fittings:

BOOK FASTENINGS AND FURNISHINGS: An archaeology of late medieval books by Charlotte L. Howsam

Book fittings: the archaeological reconstruction of (post-)medieval books by Berna van wijk.

Neither has the exact item though some are close.  The size is right but unsure about the thickness and weight is not given.

They are the strap ends of the buckle-system for closing large medieval books.

So no hard evidence either way but they certainly could be book fastening parts...


yes sorry, it's millimeter(mm)
I think it is closer to a horse part


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