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Herennius Pisidia


Dear members,

Here is a coin of Herennius (23 mm). I thought it was from Selge, Pisidia but it reads clearly TΩΝ instead of ƐΩΝ on the reverse. Figure looks like AThena with scales. Can't find the type. Anyone can?
Thank you!

Probably a coin from Side (Pamphylia).

Pekka K:
Herennius Etruscus AE of Side, Pamphylia. AD 250-251.

KYIN ER ETR MEC DEKION KAICARA, bare-headed, draped bust right.
CIDHTWN, Athena standing left, holding palm branch and dropping
pebble into amphora before her.

Side Museum 899.

Courtesy of Side Archaeological Museum, A. Tolga Tek and Hüseyin Köker.

YES! Great, thank you Pekka!


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