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Well - either you trust your friend or you don't
Roman Coins / Re: Roman empress
« Last post by Ron C2 on Today at 09:50:07 am »
I was considering Julia Domna or Faustina Minor. The text just don't make sense to me.

Perhaps because it is a provincial coin with Greek, not Latin legends?
Hello everyone,
I (again) need your knowledge.
I spotted a coin recently sold (Vespasian. AD 69-79. Æ Dupondius), this piece is encapsulated via NGC which indicated on its certificate: "edge cuts" ... what does this expression mean? ???

Thank you in advance for your knowledge

I joint the copy of the certificat box, if it can help  :(
To my knowledge Bulgari worked with a most respected coin seller and I never saw any fake coins with their jewellry.
OK - they charged decent prices  :) - but the coins were genuine - as in this case

But I don’t know if this is a genuine Bulgari jewellery. If it’s a counterfeit Bulgari, do you think it’s genuine just for the coin itself?

Unfortunately I don’t know of any good books dedicated to Ghaznavid coinage.

Mitchiner’s large and expensive The World of Islam covers a few Ghaznavid coins. 

Michael Broome’s A Handbook of Islamic Coins (Spink) is a good book to get.  It is not a catalogue but a general guide covering Islamic coins from the beginning to the 20th century in just over 200 pages.  And it is softcover and relatively cheap. The first four pages of Chapter 3 - Invasion from the East - are dedicated to the Ghaznavids.  Plus it briefly covers Samanid and Qarakhanid coinage, which are often found in northern Afghanistan. 

For my very few Ghaznavid coins I used a couple of collection websites:

The Ghaznavid page of COININDIA

and Numista

to get the general identification and then confirmed/refined identification through

coś ufundować i przyjechać na uroczyste otwarcie połączone z kolejnymi igrzyskami.

Może Najjaśniejszy Pan coś fundnął i wysłał swojego przedstawiciela? Bo w takie z głupia frant nagłe podkuszenie urzędnika nie bardzo chce mi się wierzyć. Główna zasada urzędnicza to ciągnąć stare jak długo się da, chyba że opieprzą.
Roman Coins / Re: Roman empress
« Last post by Juke on Today at 08:01:46 am »
I was considering Julia Domna or Faustina Minor. The text just don't make sense to me.
Fake Coins and Notorious Fake Sellers / Re: Nomination NFSL numismatiklanz
« Last post by Din X on Today at 06:49:12 am »
He currently seems to sell his "black cabinet" and gets good prices as the coins are sold with real old tickets

This seems to be a cast fake or very bad electrotype of the authentic coin in Münzkabinett München

Ich have one too but mine is higher quality and an electrotype

The majority of the fakes with tickets that he sold seem to be cast or very bad electrotpy of museum pieces I have some of these myself but as electrotypes in higher quality and I do not remember tha I have seen any of this fakes in his black cabinet when I was there, he had only some bad fakes most likely from whole collections he has bought in the past, so he was most likely able to get the money back from consignors when he accidentially sold fakes.

Some of his fakes were really old, good and valuable fakes and some were and are just trash.

I own a Samos drachm too which was condemned by Julius Friedlaender in his book "Ein verzeichniss von griechischen falschen münzen welche aus modernen stempelin geprägt sind: Zur warnung zusammengestellt" published 1883.
I do not know why the coin was condemned as fake from modern hand cut dies but in hand it looks 100% authentic and it has an really old pedigree and I have seen die matches with old pedigrees although I have to admit that I have seen many fakes Caprara, Becker, Christoulos  etc in old auction catalogues too, so old pedigrees does not mean a coin is authentic but it means at least no modern fake.
And I have some coins in my own colleciton of which I do not know for sure if they ar real or not and I have seen fakes in black cabinets in museums (you can seen them with appointment) of which I did not know why they are fakes and the Expert there sometimes did not know too. It is not so easy to tell always if a coin is fake or not.
Even if the Legionary was condemned it was possibly because of the pearl which would mean cast.


and gets good prices

IMHO either a fake collector or someone who thinks he knows better

EDIT: See the post of DinX (next post) for the template.
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