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Roman Glass Bottle 1, Authentic or Modern Forgery?

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I know absolutely nothing concerning Roman glass...other than it's pretty. But, like most of us, I'm always doubtful when it comes to items like these.

The bottle is 125mm x 50mm x 3mm (on the lip of the bottle) and weighs only 73.4gm = very thin throughout.

The concretions seem firm enough for such a relic, punt on the base and the iridescence one should expect.

I'd very much like to learn that this is authentic but no harm if it's not, you know?

Click the image for closer.

Your thoughts, please!

I'm far frrom expert on Roman glass, but the oxidized surfaces seem to say it is authentic....unless fakers have figured out how to that, too.

IMO it is authenic...

Joe Sermarini:
Fakers have figured out how to create oxidized surfaces on glass, but this one looks OK to me.

Yes, in the Middle East almost all faked glass has a "patina" and some are quite good.

I don't know enough to offer opinions on either of these recently posted by Kevin.



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