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My little glass collection

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I shared some pieces here:

But all the collection is here:

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to ask questions or give missing informations!

I sold my coins collection, just keeping 5 of them I'll add the pictures asap.

Best regards

Nice collection and great photos.

Very nice.  I would worry about them being so fragile.

that's an impressive collection collectantic, with some very beautiful pieces.
i don't collect glass myself, but my wife did. most of hers were Victorian to modern era perfume bottles, but she had some nice ancient glass too...

~ Peter

Thanks a lot!

Yes it is fragile... I broke one... I was very happy as you can imagine, and another one lost a little piece because the glass is altered and only 0,1 mm!

The candelstick is very nice! Enodia


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