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I have just purchased a lovely small Roman glass jug about five and a half inches (14 mm) tall. It dates to the 4th century and is green with some opal colours. The first is a flash picture, the second longer exposure using just the room lights. The second shot does not show the colour well but clearly shows the bubbles in the neck that form a swirling pattern.


this is a lovely piece Steve, delicate and with nice opalesence (and intact?)... my wife is drooling over my shoulder as i write! congratulations on a wonderful addition.

~ Peter

Thanks Peter! The little jug is intact but as a crack that starts in the base and goes part of the way up the side away from the camera. Still, it feels frim in the hand and shows no hint that the crack will get worse. It shows a lovely opalesence that the flash photo only hints at but is very apparent in the hand.

Best regards,


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