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I work on a macbook and use Safari.  It works fine for me.

You have to be signed in for it to work.  Use the search box on the left to find your page.  Click on the "edit" tab on the top.  It will show code for a couple of seconds them switch to normal text.  Then you should be able edit the text normally.  Then click the save button at the bottom. 


Hi Shawn and Joe,

     It worked! There is hope for me yet! Thanks.


Joe Sermarini:

Hi Joe,

     I have two questions or suggestions:
1.     Ancient (Late Roman, Byzantine, early Islamic) glass weights are glass but not vessels. Should they be included in your index? I notice cameos are listed and they are not vessels.

2.     When I was in "high school", we went on a class trip to the Corning Museum in upstate New York. The Smith Collection of ancient glass was on exhibit and I fell in love with the objects. Back then, it was an expensive purchase for a kid but I had to buy the catalogue of the exhibit and still have it. You may wish to consider it for your index. It is: The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning Glass Center. Glass from the Ancient World, The Ray Winfield Smith Collection. Corning, 1957; pp 298, 609 black & white photographic illustrations. Paper bound.



Joe Sermarini:
If we have a page for glass weights, we should have a link on the glass index.  I don't think it would go under the list of vessel types.  It should be separate.


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