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Ancient glass with gold leaf

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Paul C2:
Hi everyone.

This item has been in my possession for about five years. It's blue glass with gold leaf decoration, as you can see. It has been broken into fragments, and badly repaired.

In fact, it looks quite peculiar. The glass is covered in what appear to be air bubbles, all of which 'streak' horizontally or vertically, which again, I've not seen before. None the less, it seems to be a fairly unique piece.

Can anybody give me any opinions about authenticity or  age? It seems funny that it has no iridescence, but I know virtually nothing about ancient glass (even though a fragment of Roman glass is the only ancient thing I have ever actually found in the ground!).

Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Joe Sermarini:
I think medieval or modern.

Paul C2:
Thanks Joe - that's a worry, I spent quite a lot on that (too much!). But I bought it from a reputable dealer so hopefully I can prove authenticity either way. I'll make some more enquiries - thanks again.

Joe Sermarini:
What did the dealer say it is?

Paul C2:
I'm trying to dig the paperwork out at the moment, but as I recall (this was five years ago) they said it was Greek. But I wouldn't have bought it had they said it was anything other than Roman or Greek.


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