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Help with Caracalla/Laodicea medallion

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Is anybody able to help me with a reference for this medallion?

Obverse has draped bust of Caracalla with laurel r., leg. AV [...] M KAI ANTWNEINOC.

Reverse is a bit complicated. Looks like woman seated on rock looking left, child on her knee. Potentially there is a rider on a horse or a dolphin above. River gods reclining at the woman's feet, above them two figures that seem to crown the person in the middle. Legend is LAODIKEIWN  and NEOKOPWN TPiW below.

Size is 44 mm, weight 49.63 grm.

Any help also with determination of what's actually on the reverse is really appreciated.

Thank you and best regards


jon gress:
This looks like it could be it:

EDIT:  Never mind.  They are actually quite different.

Steve Minnoch:
I think the type is likely to be the one described in the HN as "Rhea or Amaltheia nursing infant Zeus, around are the Kuretes beating their shields, and at her feet recumbent River-gods."  It looks like the central figure holds a branch over her head?

The year should be 88, so TΠΗ, perhaps the T really being TO, appearing as T with a tiny O above or to the right?


Thank you, Steve. Yes, this should be the type. The central figure is holding a branch above her head. Additionally, yes, it looks like there is a tiny O to the right of the T. Also, the letter I identified as W may very well be a H. So, this is a perfect match. Just two more questions. I am not familiar with the abbreviation HN - Historia Numismatica? And, do you have a number from there?

Best regards


Steve Minnoch:
Close - the Historia Numorum, a 19th century work on Greek numismatics (including a lot of material related to Provincials) - you can find a digitised version under the Numiswiki button near the top of the page.  Sorry, no reference, it just came from a brief summary of types.



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