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Probus, Alexandria, Athena


Hi all,
I am struggling with this one I am afraid. The only reference I have on these is a first edition Curtis.

Probus Billon tetradrachm
Obv:- AK M AVP :Greek_Pi: POBOC CEB, laureate and cuirassed bust right
Rev:- Athena seated left on a cuirass, holding sceptre and Nike
Minted in Alexandria (Year 6) S/L in left field, 29 Aug 274 - 28 Aug 275 A.D.;

This type isn't listed fot this date in Curtis. I have seen an example with L-S across the fields recently listed here on Forum but I have not been able to identify this variant with S/L in the left field.

Dattari 5325, Cat. Completo pl. 280, has the full date in l. field like yours.

Hi both,

I'm sorry but Curtisclay misrecorded the Dattari number, read 5 525 instead of 5 325 ;

or Geissen 3 152 ; Milne 4 618 ; BMC 2 410 ; Kop 936 (Roma)

Best regards.


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