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Owl? and helmeted bust

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Just recieved an un-identified coin as part of an auction.  It is 14mm and weighs 2.4g.   Has what looks like a helmeted figure on one side and an owl (?) on the other.  Figure it might be greek, but where do I look.  Have not started any cleaning on it, want to get an idea of what I might be working with...  thanks

It is Athena and an owl.

Perhaps an uncia of Teate (Apulia), SNG ANS 752.
Size and weight would be quite ok for this issue.
Unfortunately i can't see neither TIATI on reverse nor a pellet in exergue.



I think it is probably Athenian, 3rd-2nd cent. BC,Sear 2565, see this example is given as 14 mm and another of the same but with a different reference is:

ATTICA, Athens. 224-198 BC. Æ 12 (1.74 gm).
Helmeted head of Athena / Owl standing. Agora.71.

Best wishes


Thanks for that info.  The coins I picked up were all Constantine and family (only 5) and he threw this one in because he had no idea what it was.  Thanks to you guys, I find I have a nice little coin now.  Thanks again, I never would have known where to look for it.


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