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Clipped Siliqua (?)

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Federico M:
I'm trying to identify this small Roman coin: 0.60 grams and 12.8 mm (smaller "diam.": 11.9)

Obverse: diademed, draped (and cuirassed?) bust right;
Reverse: Roma seated left (on cuirass?), holding Victory on globe in right and inverted spear in left. (Likely legend: VIRTVS ROMANORVM)

I'm thinking about a (light) clipped siliqua (the metal is definitely silver, even if it may look like a fourré for some details of its sourfaces: the edges are actually clipped and they do not show any bronze... maybe the coin was made of debased silver and then washed in better silver?), maybe of Honorius or Arcadius (Mediolanum mint?), but I'm not at all an expert, in particular of these late silver issues, so I would appreciate any other (and more informed) opinion.

It is a clipped siliqua, probably of Honorius or Arcadius. Unfortunately the legends have been clipped off so I think a positive attribution is likely not possible.
The mint mark is also gone (would be in the exergue under Roma, who is indeed seated on a cuirass) so the place of mintage is also uncertain.
Sorry that's the best I can do.


hi Federico - looks to me like a portrait of Valens, or maybe Valentinian I. Both had siliqua with the Roma/Vicotry style reverses. Looks more like Valens though. But hey, I'm often wrong.  Joe


--- Quote from: Gavignano on January 18, 2007, 10:03:11 pm ---Looks more like Valens though. But hey, I'm often wrong.  Joe

--- End quote ---

..... and your wrong again! ;D  The style of Federico's coin is later, not at all like Valens (below).


Here are a couple of siliquas, one of Arcadius and one of Honorius.
Without legends it is almost impossible to say who is who.  :-\



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