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RIC confirmation part 2


Jay G:
another coin from a recently received uncleaned lot: CRISPUS CAESAR (CE 316-326) AE 3 circa CE 324-326, Cyzicus Mint  3.28g  20mm
O: FL IVL CRIS-PVS NOB CAES, diad draped bust left.
R: PROVIDEN-TIAE CAESS/·SMK  :Greek_Delta: ·, camp gate
CHK 1181(NOBC), RIC VII Cyzicus 46 R4

I believe the RIC citation is correct, but just want to confirm. Thanks for the help.

Hi Jay!

With the dot SMK Delta dot in the ex. you are right with RIC VII, Cyzikus 46. Seems to be a rare type!

Best regards

Jay G:
Vielen Dank, Jochen!!

Both these coins came from the same lot.....finally some luck with the realm of the uncleaned....there are about 30 more pcs to go through, so I may actually be posting more.

thanks again.


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