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Constantius Caesar PROVIDENTIA Arelate with greek numeral?


Dear friends,

I need to read your opinions about the mintmark on this campgate.

The coin is part of a coleccion of a serious Portuguese numismatics investigator. It was found in 1878, in Santo Estevão, near the city of Chaves (ancient AQVA FLAVIA), in the Northeast area of Portugal.

I belive it is from Arelate, something like this  :Greek_Delta:*AR

However, how he know, this isn't common, not in LRBC or even in RIC VII. So, I'm asking you if there is any chance of being some of the coins edited by Otto Voetter, in 1921.

On the other hand, it could be some other mint mark I couldn't read...

Thanks in advance

it looks like Q*AR  (weakly struck on the bottom of the exergue)
RIC VII Arles 276

Q*AR, for sure. Letters seem to be squeezed flat in the exergue, even though there would in fact be enough room.


Thank you very much :)


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