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Need precisions about Theodosius II ID


Potator II:
Hi all

I've recently got this AE3 wich I like quite a lot.
It is 16 mm, 2,25 gr with a nice dark patina and a facing bust of Theodosius II

Obv : D N THEODOSIVS AVG, diademed and cuirassed bust of the emperor facing, holding spear on his right shoulder (and shield ?)
Rev : CONCORDI--A AVGG, Constantinopolis seated, facing, looking right, holding victory on globe and sceptre. CONSA at exergue (Constantinople, 1st officina)

The reference I found are Roman coins and their values (1988 edition) # 4296, and LRBC # 2212.

The problem is that this LRBC reference is for legend #1 (D N THEODO-SIVS AVG) and I find nothing with legend #2 (D N THEODOSIVS AVG). Is there any reference more precise than that ? (RIC maybe)

Thanks in advance

Helvetica only lists DN THEODO-SIVS PF AVG for this coin (RIC X 90), so maybe yours is an unrecorded legend break.

The coin with the unbroken legend is RIC X 90...other reference given is Tolstoi 77.  It is a much rarer coin (R4) with the unbroken legend.  RIC 89 has the broken legend and is listed as scarce.

Potator II:
Thanks Victor and Joseph for these details and for your time. I've added the RIC reference in the description



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