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I am looking for an id for a coin. I don't have the coin yet and hence no images. I cannot find it in RCI. I think I am simply missing it somewhere and can't see for looking.

Coin is as follows:-

Ae Follis
Obv:- GAL VAL MAXIMINVS NOB CAES, Laureate bust right
Rev:- GENIO CA-ESARIS, Genius standing left etc...
X over  :Greek_Delta: in left field, K in right field, ALE in exe.

And therein lies the problem. I cannot find this set of series marks in RIC!

Could someone please put me out of my misery and tell me what I am missing.



As you can see it seems to be a variation of the series that contains RIC 78 that you pointed out. RIC 78 has X in left, A- :Greek_Stigma: over K in right, with ALE in exe. This coin has the X overĀ  :Greek_Delta: in the left field and so doesn't match this series.


Well, I checked all of Alexandria and didn't find it... but let's wait for other opinions, maybe we are both just blind. But I'd guess you're right, an unpublished variety (RIC 78 var.?).


According to note 1 on p. 675, the arrangement of the letters in field varies in this issue. 
One of the possibilities Sutherland mentions is precisely that on Martin's coin, X above officina letter in l. field, K in r. field.

Many thanks Curtis.
I have stared and stared and missed the note that was right under my nose the whole time.
I knew it should be there somewhere. In my search I have failed to find other examples with the same arrangement but that is from fairly limied online resources.
Thanks all.


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