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Here's a funky one.. :)

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Head, HN, p. 707, for Baris in Pisidia, notes this figure and does not venture to call it Geryon (first thing I thought of, too), possibly because in Pisidia it might well be something else, but only suggests that it might be "(Herakles?)".  Pat L.

Von Aulock, Münzen und Städte Pisidiens II, knew seven spec. of this coin, all from the same obv. die and three rev. dies.  Featherz' spec. is from same dies as his no. 259, pl. 7.
His type description:  "Double-headed male divinity advancing r., the heads facing in opposite directions, with four arms, holding bow and sword on the r. and club on the l., cloak hanging down on l. and between the legs". 
For the type he refers to the comments in Zeitschrift für Numismatik 1879, p. 17.

Thanks guys! I do find some strange things sometimes..  ::).


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