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Question (materials posted elsewhere) and my first article (Richard J Plant)

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Curtis JJ:
I've just added my first article, a biography of Richard J Plant (1928-2020), AKA "the Reverend of Numismatics" --

A question. I assume the answer is "Yes," but is this Okay:

I excerpted and edited the Numiswiki article from my own blog post that I've already "published" on my website (my original post [LINK] was from 24 Sep 2022). Is that okay? I didn't share my website or anything on Numiswiki, but thought I might include a footnote on my blogpost that I cross-posted it as a Numiswiki article, just so no one would think Numiswiki was plagiarizing from random blogs.

If it's okay, I have written my own "provenance glossary" (Rambach's term) with ~150 author/collector entries, consisting of biographies, bibliographies, and/or collection histories. Many of them already have Numiswiki articles, and others aren't interesting enough for one, but some are notable enough for a page but don't have one yet.

(It was research for my own collection, but I'd hoped I would also be able to share it with anyone who might find it useful.)

Virgil H:
I can't imagine this would not be OK, especially since you are copyright holder for the material. We all appreciate your efforts here.


Joe Sermarini:
Ahhh, YEAH!!!!!

Thanks. :)

Did you meet Richard? He was a friend of mine and I visited him and he me. We used to live about 30 miles apart. I can still hear his very distinctive voice. He offered to conduct my late father's funeral service. His passing was a great loss and I was just leafing through his Numismatic Journey through the Bible earlier today.



Curtis JJ:
I never met him, but I wish I'd been able to. I've only heard positive things about him personally.

I did the background research because I've gotten interested the biographies of notable collectors, authors, dealers, etc. Since he wrote many books, it was easy and interesting to write up a short bio (and it helped greatly to find materials like Mark Fox's interview with him in The Celator).

I admire his books quite a bit and, once it came up for sale, his collection as well (though it sounds like a lot of his notes weren't preserved; luckily he had a large body of written work). His was obviously a very patient and studious collector, and managed to find great coins at affordable prices. I'm sure there will be collectors who come across "Ex-Robert Plant Collection" coins for sale, but may not be aware of who he is at first, or have been exposed to his books.


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