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Greek, Roman provinical bronze/ Republican fourrée with countermark?

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Hi! Can you say anything about this coin? Any ideas? Thank you!

18mm diameter

Countermark of Tomis.  Coin it self worn beyond recognition.

Thanks for the explanation. The only thing I can say is that it is not a fake fouree coin, they wouldn't have marked it with a countermark at the Tomis mint. Why would they do that?  Was the coin already worn out by then that they had to use a countermark? But why would they do that for a small bronze AE18?

Hi Boh,

You can estimate how worn the coin coin was at the time the countermark was applied based on the amount of wear on the letters contained in the countermark.

Based on the photos, the letters in the countermark appear to have light to medium wear. This implies that the coin was quite worn at the time the countermark was applied.

By the way, the obverse of the host coin may depict the head of Zeus.



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