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Auction Catalogs for Important Coin Collections (updating)


Steve Moulding:
Over two days I located and added over 120 links to online copies of the catalogs that I know of (mostly at archive, gallica and issuu). I'd also started adding some important missing sales but.

Search for the string "(online)" here

Curtis JJ:
It's been a while since this post, but I'm glad you've been doing that. I use the Numiswiki pages for pretty often when looking up old collections, collectors, sales. So thanks for editing the pages, Steve.

Incidentally, I just edited the "Prowe" page to give links and more details for all three of the Egger sales (1904, 1912, 1914). It's my first time editing a page. (I've usually been reluctant to edit someone's work, but I guess that's how a Wiki works?) I see that there's a "Prowe-Egger" page (separate from Prowe's page) but it only covers Part III/the 1914 sale (albeit very well). Maybe that one next....


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