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Mattingly,H " L, Julius Caesar:Governor of Macedonia" Chiron 1979....for his ideas of the general sequence of the post Sullan NewStylkes

Mattingly,H "Review of LGPN ll" NC 1997 using Greek names and promotions and ranks withy other prosopography he moves GORGON to 99/8 and Caps of Dioscuri to 97/6

Meadows A R "Thasos"/NewStyle Hoard 1996 (CH9.265) This hoard puts the order of some of the middle catalogue into a logical sequence where the over-representated New Styles are shown to be consecutive and  the 3 Graces has to move. Prow is confirmed as moved.A new obverse die link of Cicada and Eagle on Fulmen

This will have some effect on the chronological table on this page of NewStyles, which looks far too technical for me.

So I have taken notice on Joe's plead for more involvement on Numiswiki.

Caramessini-Oeconomides,M " An unpublished Athenian New Style Tetradrachm" SYMMEIKTA 1974/5 plus Revue Numismatica de Belge "the Hierprytena Hoard"

The last ever discovered "NewStyle" found many years later it's discovery in the Hierprytena Hoard CRETE (disc c 1933) identified 1974. This single specimen is on an unidentified ALEXANDER lll tetradrachm. It cannot be given a chronology or sequence being unique.

The fact that it was in that hoard and that the hoard contained no issues of DIOKLES that it didn't have the last (ish) of the NewStyles. The magistrate Mnastagoras and Mentor are known from other post-Sullan New Styles..are they the same..from the same families?
The symbol Apollo with Lyre suggest an affiliation with a temple.
To me who views the post Sullan NewStyles after the last Mithradatic wars as personal/organisational issues and this coin being struck on an Alexander as such an issue type...anything would do!

Who said the NewStyles (Thoneman....were overblown, over-crowded, simply a mess... )

The most interesting set of coinage about!

The Hierprytena hoard is fascinating for many reasons... commonly available on JSTOR  Cristophori, Denarii (republican) what more do you want, but NEWSTYLES!

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks for contributing to NumisWiki.


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