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Roman Provincial help ID


Hi for all friends

Need help to id this coin, please?

14mm 2 grs

Thank you for your help

Roman Provincial.
Obverse: Caligula
Reverse: Julia
This should help a bit….if I am correct. Let’s see what others say.

Mark Fox:
Dear Young and Board,

As I know where you had found this coin, but do not know the reason(s) why you are interested in having it identified, I will help you this time.  Here is a match, which I had discovered some days ago: 

It is hard to say without seeing the coin in hand, but the countermark may be Howgego 748:

This would be rather interesting, considering the suspected origins of RPC I 5437:

In the future, it would be nice to know your reason(s) for these kinds of attribution requests.  If it is for your education, to help a friend, for a research project, or even the result of simple curiosity, then of course it is okay to ask here for help!  If it is to screen a purchase or something else of that nature, then maybe not... 

In any event, I hope some of this was helpful to you, including my advice.

Best regards,

Mark Fox

Joe Sermarini:
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