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A Tiny Mystery


John O3:
Hi all

Does anyone recognise this coin? I picked it up some years ago as part of a biblical collection labelled "widows mite" I wasn't even sure it's a coin. Dane at suggested I post here to see if anyone could shed any light on it.

When I say tiny I'm serious - 5mm and 0.14g so I'm not even sure how or why it could be used for currency.

Thanks in advance


Ephesos with a bee on the obverse and an eagle's head on the reverse?

Some specimens are quite small.



Great ID, Altamura.  I didn't recognize John O3's coin at first, and I have one of these myself.

John O3:
Wow - thank you both so much - that's exactly it - I was looking at the reverse the wrong way - now I see the eagle clearly when I rotate it.



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